About us

Primorska banka d.d. Rijeka in liquidation

Primorska Banka was established on the 25th September 2001 on the foundations of its predecessor, "Primorska štedionica“.

Primorska banka d.d. Rijeka is in liquidation proces as of June 21 st 2018.

Primorska Banka in Rijeka
Primorska Banka Rijeka

From Monday to Friday - 08:00 to 17:00.

Scarpina 7 - 51000 Rijeka - Croatia

Tel.: +385 51 355 777
Fax : +385 51 332 762
MB: 1318942
OIB: 96675880337
Primorska Banka in Zagreb
Primorska Banka Zagreb

From Monday to Friday - 09:00 to 17:00

Ilica 15/I - 10 000 Zagreb - Croatia

Admin : +385 1 555-6981; 555-6983; 555-6985
Fax : +385 1 638-2624
MB: 1318942
OIB: 96675880337

Private account - minimum first payment for account opening 1.000 EUR (USD)

Your one ürivate account in Primorska bank for all currencies (EUR, Russian rubble, USD, CHF, GBP, JPY, Kuna and many other).

With your Private account you can:

  • perform online bank transfers wherever you are in world
  • receive payments in all currencies
  • have multiple ways to access your money: online (internet banking or on line transactions carried out via personal Bank manager) or via personal visit to Bank
  • convert currencies
  • arrange permanent payment orders
  • check all your operations in any time

With your Private account you have easy access to:

  • open a private-banking account (brokerage, custody account, web-trader) - first payment for account opening 5.000 EUR (USD)
  • get our investment advisory

Term deposit - minimum deposit of 2.000 EUR/USD/CHF

  • Safe return on investment and attractive interest rates
  • All the deposits up to 100.000,00 EUR are insured and guaranteed by law
  • Terms for 1 month up to more than 36 months
  • Choose monthly interest payment or different

Banking Services for Entrepreneurs

Primorska Banka

For companies and entrepreneurs Primorska Banka realises a Business Bank Account.

To support our clients and offer them tailor made solutions we listen and understand their needs.

Primorska Banka has developed a variety of products and services:

Private Banking

Welcome to the world of private banking by Primorska banka

Primorska Banka provides you with private banking services from its offices in Zagreb and Rijeka.

With Primorska Banka you will enjoy an excellent order execution service to buy and sell shares and bonds in all major international markets. 

Investing in stocks

Becoming a shareholder in public companies, Coca-Cola, Apple, BMW, DeutschePost, Tesco, Shell, Nestlé…, gives you the possibility to earn dividends and capital gain.

When you invest in stocks you take the opportunity to participate in the economic development progress.
You can personally choose the sector, energy, banks, industrial,…, and the market, US, European, English, Japanese, Australian, Canadian, Russian…

These stocks are also known as risk capital because they are subject to two risk factors: the company’s business results, the volatility in financial markets.

Investing in bonds

Bonds provide income on your capital, as well as the return of principal. A bond can be issued by public companies or governments that guarantee your reimbursement, the risk is the bankruptcy of the issuer, so you have to choose carefully.

The purpose of investing in bonds is to help you achieve your objectives of savings and income.

Internet Banking (e-banking)

Fast, secure and handy

Our Internet Banking service is fast, secure and handy. Using high secure technologies  you will be able to discreetly access your account from anywhere in the world in order to manage your money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With our Internet Banking you will enjoy the following services:

  • Check your balance and the evolution of all your accounts
  • Transfer money instantly all over the world
  • Buy and sell foreign currencies
  • Create permanent orders and save your templates
  • Easy being green – turn off your paper statements

Advantages of our Internet Banking service:

  • Saves time and money
  • Can be used from any place with an Internet access
  • Print orders as needed
  • All records are automatically updated and accessible at any time
  • Our clients use the Display card and PIN when entering the Internet banking system to guarantee the maximum safety and reliability

Would you like to become a user of our Internet Banking by Primorska Banka? Contact us for more information.